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Hi and thank you for taking the time to watch this short video which describes our interactive on-line course for bus drivers. Most people entering the bus industry do so with little or no knowledge of industry requirements, legislation or compliances Unfortunately the gaining of a bus driver license does not make a bus driver, much in the same way that our course requires a suitably trained and licensed person to create an employable candidate. All too often a newly licensed bus driver is turned away from multiple operators and organizations due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Although experience can’t be taught, knowledge can. This course adds value to your current training package by becoming the perfect companion. Delivered on line, this interactive and engaging course is easily accessible to learners. In fact, it is so accessible it can be completed anywhere and at any time and can be completed on any personal device, dispensing with the need for training rooms and associated costs.

The bus drivers’ course can be sourced either as a standalone course, or as an add on to your current package, adding industry insider knowledge to your trainees and giving them the edge over their peers. The course can be added as is, or as a white label product with opportunity to rebrand in your organizations chosen branding. Alternatively, we are able to create a completely bespoke training package designed to your chosen specifics. We are also able to recreate the course in multiple languages. Our high-quality trainer assessors come from within the bus industry and represent a multitude of disciplines. They have been sourced some of the best known and respected operators both here and overseas. This has allowed us to design the course to the highest possible standards with relevant and current information and learning which includes fatigue laws, work health and safety legislation, customer service and standard operating procedure training. The course itself is made up of individual modules and can be delivered either as a full course or as separate informative learning modules. On successful completion of a module the learner receives a virtual badge which contains their name, date of attainment and information on attained learning. A certificate of excellence is awarded upon successful completion of the full course. Support is provided, throughout the course via on line community wall and also via a weekly, live touch point session.

Why not contact us for a guest log in to see what the course looks like and what value it can add for your customers. Ultimately it gives your trainees further valuable currency when taking their first steps into the bus industry. Make sure to check out the R T O page on our website for your promotional code that will offer huge savings for any current trainees who wish to complete the bus driver course.

We look forward to supporting your organization and trainees to provide relevant, industry-based training that will help to achieve positive outcomes and even happier customers.

Course Outcomes

The bus driver course has been put together to offer participants overarching knowledge and skills that are used in the bus industry each day. Using knowledge gained from many years’ experience, our trainers and assessors not only inform and guide participants on their learning journey but also offer insight into reasoning and how to source information on each subject.  Using many differing tried and tested methods, each module is explained and contains multiple links, videos and case studies to inform each participant. Students that complete the course will have a well-rounded understanding of foundation subjects. Although each employer has their own policies and procedures, participants will have a working understanding of; Work Health and Safety, Chain of Responsibility law, Fatigue Management, Equal opportunity and Bullying and Harassment in the workplace, General/ Standard Operating Policy and Procedure, Customer Service, Disability Awareness, Hygiene and Wellbeing, Safe Driving & In-service operation and Eco driving. This allows course completers to be well informed, knowledgeable and a be advocates of healthy and safe work environments. Participants not only learn how to source and interpret information relevant to the bus industry, but will also have learned strategies on how best to deal with daily incidents and issues. Each participant that completes the course not only gains an in-depth knowledge which is recorded via assessments, but receives virtual badges and a completion certificate, providing proof of completion and knowledge. This can be used by students as valuable currency as they move into or through the industry and by employers as proof of training, induction, refresher training or post-accident training.

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