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The Bus Driver Academy is your one stop provider for training within the bus industry. Whether you are entering the industry for the first      time, are completing personal development training, or are completing Induction, post incident or refresher training, then we have you covered.

Up to the minute, relevant and accurate training that supports learners to achieve their targets and goals. Delivered either as individual modules or as a full course, “The Bus Driver” course is interactive, engaging and informative and will give you the necessary information, required to attain your highest possible professional outcome. All this delivered to you in the most accessible way. Complete where and when you want to. It can even be completed on your personal device.

Our trainer assessors come from within the bus industry and have been sourced from some of the best and most respected operators both here and overseas, and represent a multitude of disciplines from within the industry. Our training gives you the edge over your competitors in reaching your professional goals. Receive training, information and guidance from some of the industry’s top trainers.

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Individual Learning

Click here if you are an individual wanting to complement your bus licence with quality training, making you more attractive to prospective employers.

Operators and Organisations

Click here if you are a bus operator and are looking for a solution to keep drivers up to date through induction, post-accident training, or annual refreshers.


Registered Training Organisations

Click here if you are an RTO and wish to source a standalone course, or as an add on to your current package, adding industry insider knowledge to your trainees.


Quality Education

The bus driver course has been put together to offer participants overarching knowledge and skills that are used in the bus industry each day. Using knowledge gained from many years’ experience, our trainers and assessors not only inform and guide participants on their learning journey but also offer insight into reasoning and how to source information on each subject. 

Online DriveRs Education


Work Health and Safety


Chain of Responsibility Law


Fatigue Management


Equal Opportunity and Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace


General/Standard Operating Policy and Procedure


Customer Service


Disability Awareness


Hygiene and Wellbeing


Safe Driving & In-Service Operation


Eco Driving

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