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Hi, as a bus operator whether it be your main business or if you operate buses as a support to your main business, training can be a costly and time-consuming activity. Unless you are one of the big operators employing a trainer and managing subsequent requirements, training can be cost prohibitive. As part of your accreditation the ongoing requirement to operate a safe operation, that keeps drivers up to date through induction, post-accident training or annual refresher training is becoming more difficult to achieve.  The good news is that it doesn’t need to be. The bus driver academy provides an incredibly efficient and financially viable option that can be completed by drivers anywhere and at any time. The course provides up to the minute training regarding the main aspects of bus driving. From fatigue management and law, to Chain of Responsibility legislation through to customer service and standard operating procedures. This interactive, on line course is engaging informative and very easy to follow.  It provides you the operator with evidence of learning, assessment and competency attained for each driver and all without the need to employ a trainer and maintain and manage related information. In fact, it is so accessible a driver could complete the full course on his or her own personal device. This also means that there is no need to bring drivers off shift, into a training room and dispenses with all those associated costs. Our course is designed to make training more accessible, lowering training costs and delivering quality information and outcomes. Our course can be accessed as is, or as a white label product which can be re branded with your company or organizations specific branding. Alternatively, we are able to create a bespoke training or induction package designed and branded to your specification.  We are also able to deliver this course in multiple languages. The bus driver academy’s trainer assessors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines throughout the industry and come from the highest quality bus operations from both here and overseas. This means we have been able to combine knowledge, techniques, information and experience to design the highest standard of training for your drivers. So, whether you use the modules for induction, post-accident training or annual refresher training you can be sure your drivers are getting quality training from quality trainer assessors. The course is made up of individual modules which can be utilized as either a full course or as separate learning modules. Each module contains subject description and information, of what to expect, learning tools, videos, case study’s etc and is completed by an assessment of learning and a module conclusion. On successful completion each driver receives a virtual badge which records their name, date of successful completion and a description of the subject completed. A certificate of excellence is awarded on successful completion of the full course. Each of these awards can be retained by the operator as evidence of compliance in training requirements in line with your accreditation. Each learner also receives learning support as required throughout their journey via on line community wall and via weekly, live touch point sessions.

Contact us for a guest log in so that you can see how the course can support your business and get an understanding of the benefits it will bring to your drivers and therefore your customers, your compliance and ultimately your bottom line.

Course Outcomes

The bus driver course has been put together to offer participants overarching knowledge and skills that are used in the bus industry each day. Using knowledge gained from many years’ experience, our trainers and assessors not only inform and guide participants on their learning journey but also offer insight into reasoning and how to source information on each subject.  Using many differing tried and tested methods, each module is explained and contains multiple links, videos and case studies to inform each participant. Students that complete the course will have a well-rounded understanding of foundation subjects. Although each employer has their own policies and procedures, participants will have a working understanding of; Work Health and Safety, Chain of Responsibility law, Fatigue Management, Equal opportunity and Bullying and Harassment in the workplace, General/ Standard Operating Policy and Procedure, Customer Service, Disability Awareness, Hygiene and Wellbeing, Safe Driving & In-service operation and Eco driving. This allows course completers to be well informed, knowledgeable and a be advocates of healthy and safe work environments. Participants not only learn how to source and interpret information relevant to the bus industry, but will also have learned strategies on how best to deal with daily incidents and issues. Each participant that completes the course not only gains an in-depth knowledge which is recorded via assessments, but receives virtual badges and a completion certificate, providing proof of completion and knowledge. This can be used by students as valuable currency as they move into or through the industry and by employers as proof of training, induction, refresher training or post-accident training.

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