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Hi, so you are looking to join, what we believe to be the best industry in the world, an industry that has great job security and one that is seeing major growth and investment worldwide. You have spent money, or are about to spend money on gaining your bus licence, but the licence alone won’t make you a bus driver. It’s important to understand that the bus industry is very heavily regulated.  It is fraught with legalities and requirements.  This course will give you current and relevant underpinning knowledge, that will give you the edge when approaching prospective employers.   Bus companies are looking to employ that someone who already has proven industry knowledge.   Turning up to a bus operator with a licence and no knowledge is a red flag to most operators.   They spend millions of dollars on purchasing and maintaining their operations and have contractual and legal obligations regarding passenger safety and service expectations.  They are always going to show caution when hiring drivers and rarely take a chance and hire someone without the necessary skills.   You have put all that effort in to find that you are going nowhere quickly.   This course gives you the required knowledge that shows a proactive approach to gaining information that current drivers already or should already have.   Not only do you have the licence but you have in depth knowledge on vital best practice S O P’s, legislation regarding W H S, fatigue laws, chain of responsibility requirements and legislation and equal opportunity and anti-discrimination information.   You are now the perfect candidate to invest in. You will be a well-informed candidate, ready to provide a professional service.   Our team at the bus driver academy have multiple years’ experience in various areas of the bus industry, but we have also been in the same position as you, trying to get that one break. We know how difficult it can be to get onto the first step of the bus industry ladder. Our team of professional and qualified trainer assessors are from within the bus industry.   We have experience in not only training and assessing, but also in on boarding, management and are qualified to operator accredited standards.   Our trainer assessors come from some of the largest and best-known bus operators, from both here and overseas and have insider knowledge on not only what the operators are looking for in an employee, but also how to provide you with the necessary skills to succeed.  We are the link between operator requirements and your level of required knowledge.  

So how do we do this?

This course will take you through a set of interactive and easy to understand modules.  Each module will give you in depth knowledge in areas that make up the required bus driver knowledge.  Each module is broken down into easy-to-follow steps.   A description of the module subject, what you can expect throughout the module.  A series of learning instruments and tools, videos, texts and an assessment at the end.   There is support for you throughout your learning experience via an on-line community wall and also via the weekly, live touch point sessions.

Each time you complete a module, you will receive a virtual badge, which highlights your achievements and can be used as evidence of completion of assessment.  Once you have successfully finished the whole course, you will be the proud recipient of the much sought-after    Certificate of Excellence.  Together we are going to take you from your current situation and turn you into a highly sought-after professional prospect, armed with the knowledge, know-how and professional outlook that bus companies are looking for.   Contact us for a guest log in so that you can have a look at what you can expect.   We look forward to supporting you to meet the outcomes you are aiming for.

Course outcomes

The bus driver course has been put together to offer participants overarching knowledge and skills that are used in the bus industry each day. Using knowledge gained from many years’ experience, our trainers and assessors not only inform and guide participants on their learning journey but also offer insight into reasoning and how to source information on each subject.  Using many differing tried and tested methods, each module is explained and contains multiple links, videos and case studies to inform each participant. Students that complete the course will have a well-rounded understanding of foundation subjects. Although each employer has their own policies and procedures, participants will have a working understanding of; Work Health and Safety, Chain of Responsibility law, Fatigue Management, Equal opportunity and Bullying and Harassment in the workplace, General/ Standard Operating Policy and Procedure, Customer Service, Disability Awareness, Hygiene and Wellbeing, Safe Driving & In-service operation and Eco driving. This allows course completers to be well informed, knowledgeable and a be advocates of healthy and safe work environments. Participants not only learn how to source and interpret information relevant to the bus industry, but will also have learned strategies on how best to deal with daily incidents and issues. Each participant that completes the course not only gains an in-depth knowledge which is recorded via assessments, but receives virtual badges and a completion certificate, providing proof of completion and knowledge. This can be used by students as valuable currency as they move into or through the industry and by employers as proof of training, induction, refresher training or post-accident training.

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